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A-Line Telescopic Linear Slide
We come from Taiwan, all spare parts and components here production, located in Taiwan's most important Taichung linear guide slide production area.

Out-Source and research is the best way to combine A-LINE with a combination of excellent technology and experienced staff coupled with efficient control of quality. In addition, it also produces a variety of linear bearings, with a unique design and highly innovative features. Members of the company from the years of more experience in the manufacture of linear slide manufacturing professionals from the organization, such as cold-drawn skill and CNC drilling machine and other steel ball slide and other industrial elite.

Thanks to all our customers give us such good the opportunity and the choice of our products, we will use innovative production capacity and continue to develop high-performance rails, will be flexible linear slide guider, steel ball, surface roughness, track straightness, track accuracy Pure technology which together with the use of medium precision, to provide more yuan and high-quality products to customers.

R & D Technology

A-LINE has developed straight track material for C & H cold-drawn and CNC cold rolling forming materials to manufacturing and ensuring that ball-roller bearing conform to the A-LINE design and high quality standards

A-LINE Telescopic Slide Have:

Increase loading capacity / cycle-time move strong

Continuous improvement and greatly increased the corrosion resistance effect

Easy assembly

Reduce costs and extend service and functional life

Products Characteristic

1. Heavy - duty telescopic linear slide series
Is a cold-drawn carbon steel system. The system consists of "C" & ": H" steel rails and one or more internal sliders, with its own individual individually running of dust off the self-rotating ball bearings.

In the operation with several sliders, each slider in their own ball retainer in the operation of their own dust, but also separate from the guide rails. When the slider movement and stroke of each slider can not be closed or hit each other in one track.

2. A-LINE Flexibility Linear Slide
It is a special ball bearing guide and slider for high load grade. Two or more ball bearing mounting rails can stretch the stretch stroke and ensure high reliability.

The linear retractable linear slider is a special ball bearing rail, and the slider for high-performance, high-load retractable linear slides has many different create designs.

Can be widely used in, for example, in mechanical construction buildings, rail cars, special vehicles and camp vehicles, rescue vehicles, military vehicles, conveyor and storage technology and so on.
Telescopic slides are usually used for high-speed train battery box, fence door system, protective cover, switch sets of cabinets, automatic teller machines (ATM), etc.

Product Performance

    1. Slide length 300~1300 mm.
    2. Optional assemble gap is 23.5/ 20/ 36/ 24/ 18/ 26/ 32/ 13/ 20.5 mm.
    3. Track rail and sliders are made of cold drawn medium carbon steel.
    4. The steel balls are made cold forging and of hardened treatment.
    5. Maximum operating speed of 1.0 m/s.
    6. Temperature range: -10°C to +120°C.

A-Line Business Philosophy

A-LINE high quality control and technology-based on skill practitioners
To continuously improve products quality and to overcome, solve the difficulties of the customer demand for the company service principle.

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Roller Forming Machine

The structure of the roller is designed according to the products and experience skills by the A-Line engineers themself, and the axis of the roller can be adjusted to adjust and can be applied to the steel coil thickness of 4 - 8mm, in each section of the wheel function requirements to do special roll Pressure forming or stretching, folding, pulling design, in order to make the size of the quality after the formation of stable that, so we in the material of the first entrance gate, the first of all must be paragraph of design for flattening device will be flattened after the next rolling Of the wheel forming.

Straight Machine

The machine is an indispensable manufactory for the production of super-heavy telescopic linear slides. Before and after the cold drawing process which making of the material must be straight require. The process must meet the A-Line quality requirements of the factory before proceeding with the next process. Straight processing need to rely on several tests to help the instrument to do the best, so that the accuracy requirements to the standard level.